Bus-drivers protesting against timetable pressure

The lack of breaks during working hours is taking its toll on bus-drivers

Demonstrations took place yesterday in four Danish cities against the increasing pressures that bus-drivers feel they are under.

The drivers claim the new timetables just don’t take into consideration the increased amounts of traffic on the roads, leading to drivers not being able to take proper breaks, reports DR Nyheder.

Protests have taken place in Aalborg, Esbjerg, Roskilde and Glostrup.

Hard on the body
“It’s very hard for the body to drive in a very concentrated way for many hours at a stretch,” said Heidi Bejlegaard, a spokesperson for the drivers.

A survey carried out by the 3F trade union of 400 bus-drivers in northern Jutland revealed that 50 percent of them had difficulty even making time to go to the toilet if they were to stick to their timetables.

Susanne Flydtkjær, a regional politician for Enhedslisten and member of the board of Nordjyllands Trafikselskab, has promised to look into the problem. “Of course timetables should be arranged so that everyone has the possibility to grab a bite to eat and go to the toilet,” she said.