Denmark suspends export of weapons to Saudi Arabia 

Elsewhere, Danish ambassador makes return to Iran

The Foreign Ministry has decided to suspend the approval of arms exports and certain dual-use products to Saudi Arabia in the wake of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and concerning developments in Yemen. 

The foreign minister, Anders Samuelsen, made the decision following a series of meeting with EU counterparts earlier this week. 

“Denmark already has a very restrictive policy in this area, but I hope that the Danish decision will generate further momentum and induce more EU member states to support a tougher sets of EU rules on this,” said Samuelsen. 

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Back to Tehran
Elsewhere, the Danish ambassador to Iran will return to his post in Tehran today less than a month after being recalled to Denmark in response to the assassination plot that was allegedly instigated by the Iranian government on Danish soil in September. 

Earlier this week, the EU gave its full backing to Denmark over the case and a new phase is in the works regarding thwarting unacceptable Iranian behaviour – including focusing on Danish diplomacy in the EU and Teheran. 

“Recalling the Danish ambassador contributed to putting focus on the need for clear reactions to Iranian activities. The Danish case has helped generate momentum for a new EU discussion regarding joint efforts against Iran,” said Samuelsen.