Grey Friday could yield a few spots of snow

What’s this? A report of early snow and it hasn’t been reported by TV2?

TV2 is chomping at the bit. “How long until we can tell the Danish public to expect the worst winter for a century?” the news team ask.

“The Daily Express in Britain ran that story back in August. And in September, and October …”

What’s this? BT has beaten the perennial providers of fake weather news to it. Thunder, lightning (the way it writes it is frightening) and snow is heading our way this Friday night, a meteorologist at DMI has exclusively told the newspaper.

More like grey Friday
DMI is mostly predicting a day of grey clouds, scattered showers and temperatures ranging from 2-5 degrees – an apt enough forecast for Black Friday – with similar weather to follow on Saturday.

Sunday, though, could be relatively sunny.

The east coast of Jutland, Funen and the islands south of Zealand are the most likely spots to see snow – but the emphasis is very much on ‘spots’. And in reality, it will most likely be sleet.