In Pole position: More eastern Europeans settling in Denmark

Christian Wenande
November 26th, 2018

This article is more than 5 years old.

More Polish and Romanian workers calling Denmark home

Carving out a place for themselves in Denmark (photo: Pixabay)

A new report from the Dansk Byggeri construction association reveals that more and more workers from eastern Europe have settled in Denmark in recent years.

The report (here in Danish) revealed that close to 50,000 Poles now live permanently in Denmark, making them the second-highest group of foreign citizens living in Denmark behind the Turkish. Romanians have also seen a spike recently and are in fourth place with almost 30,000.

“We are pleased that more foreign workers are settling well in the Danish labour market and that they decide to live here permanently. It also means that they pay tax in Denmark,” said Lars Storr-Hansen, the head of Dansk Byggeri.

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Calling Denmark home
Last year, 756 children were born to Polish mothers in Denmark – a clear indication that more Polish workers are finding permanent housing situations and settling with families.

Moreover, the report also uncovered that 70 percent of Romanian employees had a residence in Denmark last year – up from 47 percent in 2011. The same trend was documented among Polish workers: from 33 percent in 2011 to 43 percent last year.

“Over time, the group of Poles in Denmark will rise and there are indicators that they will become well integrated in Danish society, have high employment rates and that their kids will enter Danish public school and the daycare systems,” Jonas Felbo-Kolding, a professor at the University of Copenhagen, told Berlingske newspaper.


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