Cosying up to Christmas with a helping hygge hand from the locals

International House Copenhagen (IHC) understands how important it is for new arrivals to learn first-hand some of the Danish Christmas traditions, and its early December event Christmas Cosiness, now in its third year, is becoming something of an institution.

On the afternoon of Sunday December 2, many international and Danish families arrived at the first floor of the IHC on Gyldenløvesgade in central Copenhagen to embrace the hygge. Candelight … tick! Pebernødder … tick! Æbleskiver … tick! Misted windows look … tick!

No Danish Christmas party is ever complete without a table or two set aside for decoration making. Now, careful with the scissors; Rudolf’s nose is already red enough.

The wheel of fortune for those brave enough to give it a turn, with tickets for the ongoing Crazy Christmas Cabaret show ‘Fogg’s Off’ and That Theatre’s spring production ‘Art’ among the prizes.

In Santa’s absence, the big man sent these fine deputies.

The event wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of IHC’s team of volunteers.