New Year’s Eve firework injuries down in Denmark

Paul McNamara
January 3rd, 2019

This article is more than 4 years old.

No deaths and just 22 casualties – the lowest number for years

Not learning the lessons … or following the instructions (photo: Epic Fireworks/Flickr)

The ferocity of the fireworks seems to get louder year after year. Certainly, the explosions from what sound like barrel bombs going off seem to be anyway.

Fewer injuries
However, it’s shocking (and delightful) to report that this year overall injuries are down on other years. In total, BT reports that 22 people were seriously injured on the night, compared to 28 last year and 25 in 2016.

Eight of the injured were hurt by batteries (a collection of fireworks bundled together that go off within a very short time) and eight others by rockets. Apparently 19 of the 22 injured were male.

112 calls also down
According to rn.dk, the figures collected between 18:00 on New Year’s Eve and 06:00 the next day show that 112 was dialed 1,221 times in connection with a serious injury or acute illness, which is down on last year’s 1,406 calls.

On New Year’s Eve, there were about four times more calls to 112 concerning injuries and illnesses than average – most of which were received after midnight.

In Denmark, the sale of fireworks is permitted from December 15-31, but can only be used from the 27th through January 1.


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