Government unveils plans for huge business area in Copenhagen

Nine artificial islands to be green bastion out by Avedøre Holme

The government is planning the development of a massive business project that will include the establishment of nine artificial islands off Avedøre Holme in Copenhagen.

It is estimated that the 3 million sqm area will be able to generate 12,000 new jobs. The project will be undertaken in co-operation with Copenhagen and Hvidovre municipalities, as well as several pension firms.

“It’s a fantastic and exciting project that has a lot of potential. I believe it can develop into a kind of European Silicon Valley that would allow Denmark and the capital to compete with Amsterdam, London and Stockholm as we can attract green digital transition jobs in the middle of the capital,” Brian Mikkelsen, the head of Dansk Erhverv, told TV2 News.

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Green goal
The timeline for the proposal suggests it could commence in 2022 and the government wants the big Copenhagen water treatment plant Lynetten to eventually move to the new islands.

Lynetten is currently a hindrance to ’Lynetteholmen’, the massive project unveiled in October that will see a brand new district being established on an artificial island located between Nordhavn and Refshaleøen.

The project, which will be discussed at a press briefing later today, is particularly geared towards attracting green companies to Copenhagen.

“The benefit of the project is that it’s close to the centre of Copenhagen. It’s 10 km away and near the airport, so ultimately a very attractive location,” Ole Krohn, a financial expert and journalist, told TV2.

Themes and nature
Krohn said that the plan is to thematise the islands so that each island houses companies from the same industry, thus permitting firms to better interact and improve synergy.

It is estimated that the area will have the capacity to house 380 companies and the project is expected to be completely finished by 2040, with the first properties going on the market in 2028.

The areas will also include a great deal of land designated to nature that will act as a 17 km-long storm flood prevention for Copenhagen and Hvidovre.