FC Copenhagen to axe Dubai trip over human rights concerns

Fan pressure sees dramatic turn in policy

Following immense fan pressure, FC Copenhagen has decided to scrap future winter training trips to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Fans of FCK have complained about the choice of destination based on issues pertaining to human rights in the country, and the club has listened.

“FC Copenhagen’s management, led by head coach Ståle Solbakken, have decided not to travel to Dubai for training camps in future years. However, the club is contractually-obligated for this winter’s training camp, which will be fulfilled,” FCK wrote in a press release.

“FCK has never had any other motives than to train optimally ahead of the spring season, but we understand and respect the strong feelings of our fans for us to find another solution. We have decided to listen to that wish.”

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Brøndby tentative
Meanwhile, rivals Brøndby have experienced similar fan criticism, but have yet to make a decision on the subject, stating that the club would rather not mix football and politics.

Brøndby’s head of communications, Christian Schultz, told BT tabloid that Danish companies, tourists and even the Royal Family has visited the country recently, underlining that there are no official recommendations urging Danes from going to Dubai.

“We pick training camp destinations purely based on sporting considerations. We are a football club and have never mixed politics with sport, and we won’t in this situation either. But it is something we will evaluate,” Schultz told BT.