Local News in Brief: Tivoli format-tinkering draws ire from critics

In other stories, Denmark’s technical museum may move from Helsingør to Copenhagen and urban walkers show interest in testing themselves on route from Copenhagen to Helsingør

Tivoli has ruffled a few feathers with its recently-announced plans to build new amusements and do away with some of the old favourites during 2019.

One of the bones of contention is the child-friendly Odin Express rollercoaster that opened in 1985 and which has to date transported more than 30 million people around the gardens.

This is now destined for the scrapheap along with another favourite – the young children’s rollercoaster Karavanen, which was previously called Mariehønen (the ladybird).

A galaxy far, far away
With an investment of 100 million kroner Tivoli plans to replace the Odin Express with a new and higher rollercoaster called Mælkevejen (Milky Way), that will provide passengers with a view of planets, stars and galaxies.

Karavanen will be spruced up, made longer and the design given an oriental flavour with cupolas and minarets. As an added bonus for visitors and Tivoli’s neighbours, the new rides will also be less noisy.

Leave well alone
However, the society of friends of Tivoli, Foreningen Tivolis Venner, is sceptical, reports Berlingske.

“You shouldn’t try to resemble every other amusement park around the world. Tivoli should continue to be Tivoli,” said Holger Hagelberg, a spokesperson for the society. He also added that the society feels that over the years a number of things have been done away with in the gardens unnecessarily – to the detriment of Tivoli.

Technical Museum in relocation talks
For more than 50 years the Danish museum of science and technology, Danmarks Tekniske Museum, has been situated in Helsingør, receiving a 1 million kroner grant annually from the local municipality. However, on January 2 a surprise announcement was made that the museum, in co-operation with Copenhagen Municipality, Dansk Industri and By & Havn, would start exploring the possibility of relocating to the Svanemølleværket power station when the Ørsted energy company moves out in 2023, reports Ingeniøren. “This would be an absolutely unique site in an iconic building. The museum would be ideally placed for cruise ship visitors and central relative to the Metro’s City Ring, so it’s a location with great potential,” said the museum’s head Jesper Buris Larsen. The current museum in Helsingør is 4 km from the station, so most of its visitors come by car. Additionally, it is cold in winter as it is not heated. One of the museum’s biggest attractions is the space capsule that Denmark’s first astronaut Anders Mogensen travelled in.

High level of interest in Copenhagen-Helsingør walk
How would you like to walk 45 km along the coast from Copenhagen to Helsingør on June 1? A lot of people would, it seems. Since Jakob Amsgaard and Peter Rosjkær floated the idea on Facebook almost 7,000 have said that they intend to take part and 51,000 have shown an interest, reports Helsingør Dagblad. On the first training walk just before New Year, more than 2,000 turned up for a 10 km walk from Bella Centre Metro station past Amager Fælled, Christianhavn, Nyhavn along the King’s Gardens and the lakes to Forum. A second training walk is scheduled for March 31. This one will start at Fælledparken and be 15 km in length. On April 28 a further 20 km walk is set to go north before the full 45 km walk on June 1. If you don’t think you can make the whole trip, the organisers emphasise that it is possible to go some of the way.