Lefties want to leave: Enhedslisten doesn’t want Denmark to be in the EU

Unlike the UK Labour Party, the left-wingers openly propose their own Brexit

In early 2017, a Gallup survey found that 67 percent of the Danish public wanted to remain in the EU – up from 54 percent before the Brexit referendum in June 2016. By October last year, according to a Eurobarometer poll, that figure had risen to 77 percent.

Nevertheless, left-wing party Enhedslisten would appear to approve of Denmark pulling out of the EU – not only that, but in its latest party program it is calling for its dissolution.

Exploitation and repression
Back in June last year the party revealed that it intended to join a number of other left-wing parties to stand jointly on a platform entitled ‘Now, the people!’ in this year’s EU elections.

“We will do away with the exploitation of the big companies and with the rulers who support them. The European Union, the EU, is an instrument for this exploitation. A dissolution of the EU is necessary to create another society in Europe and in the world,” Enhedslisen argues.

Enhedslisten’s arguments
To further its argument, Enhedslisten has put forward a number of points, including: The EU puts the market before humankind; the EU destroys ecology; the EU is trading on the conditions of the rich; the EU is turning into a military superpower; and the EU is nationalism at a European level.

Less than five years ago they were allies of Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s government, but today their policy would appear to be in direct contrast with one of its key members, the European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager, who was until 2014 the leader of Radikale.