Like an ice rink on the roads following chilly night and rain

Elsewhere, massive strike in Germany affecting thousands of travellers in Denmark

It was a rough morning for commuters and airline travellers thanks to two separate occurrences expected to severely impact travel to work and Germany this morning.

Firstly, a cold morning, coupled with condensation during the night, has led to icy roads across Denmark. The Vejdirektoratet road authority has warned commuters to leave home earlier than usual and to drive carefully.

“We’ve been out salting the roads across Zealand and most of north Jutland, but there may still be some icy spots out there, so it’s a good idea to take your time this morning,” said Jakob Riis Petersen, a spokesperson for Vejdirektoratet.

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Striking news from Germany
Meanwhile, airline passengers looking to head to and from Germany in connection with work, or the ongoing Men’s Handball World Championships, should be wary of strikes that have been taking place at eight German airports since last night.

The strikes are expected to impact over 1,000 passengers travelling to and from Denmark as Lufthansa has cancelled at least eight flights already between the two countries today.

The German airports enduring strikes at the moment are Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Hannover, Bremen, Dresden, Erfurt and Leipzig/Halle. The strikes are scheduled to end until around 20:00 tonight.