Dansk Folkeparti haemorrhaging voters

It seems as if the populist nationalist party is finally running out of steam

One of the inevitabilities of 2019 is that a Danish general election must be held by the latest on June 17, so all the parties are currently busy jockeying for position.

However, a new analysis carried out by professor Kasper Møller Hansen from the University of Copenhagen for Altinget shows that a number of voters intend to change sides.

Dansk Folkeparti is the party most affected. According to the analysis, since the 2015 election the party has lost 96,807 voters – most of whom have defected to Nye Borgerlige or Socialdemokratiet.

Under pressure
“Dansk Folkeparti is being challenged. The big bump in the road occurred in connection with the MELD and FELD case [possible misappropriation of EU funds] when Nye Borgelige entered the political arena almost simultaneously,” said Møller Hansen.

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“We saw it very clearly during the municipal elections when the party had a much worse election that we’d expected compared to the massive support it had at the last general election,” he added.