Heavy snowfall expected in Copenhagen over the weekend

As much as 8 cm is expected on Saturday with reasonably high winds

DMI tends to hedge its bets a lot. We’ve lost count of the number of times that the national forecaster has predicted snow in six days’ time, changed its mind two days later, only for its original forecast to be spot on.

And over the last week it has been umming and erring about what we can expect over the remainder of January.

Following the snowfall on Monday, it was adamant there would be no more for at least a week.

12 cm over the weekend
But all that changed last night, as its latest forecast is expecting 8 cm to fall on Saturday and another 4 cm to follow on Sunday.

With wind speeds of nine and ten metres per second, and a daily temperature of zero degrees, it’s going to be pretty nippy out there, with a wind chill factor of minus 7.

Nevertheless, while the temperature won’t venture above zero over the next week, the nights won’t be too cold, with the thermometer mostly fluctuating between zero and minus 3.