Scrapping premium for elderly diesel cars doubled

With a new financial carrot the government hopes to get some of the most polluting vehicles off the roads

From tomorrow, the premium paid out for scrapping diesel cars from before 2006 will rise to 5,000 kroner – while there is still money left in the pot.

In order to offer the premium, the government has allocated 100 million kroner extra to its existing scrapping scheme, and the money will be paid out on a first-come-first served basis.

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At present, all scrapped diesel cars are eligible for a payment of 2,200 kroner, but with the new rates the government wants to accelerate the scrapping of older vehicles.

A diesel car from before 2006 is estimated to emit around four times as much NOx and considerably more particles than a new diesel car – and there are around 150,000 of them on Danish roads.

Don’t delay
“We want the most polluting vehicles off the streets, and that’s why the government has decided to offer a sizeable reward if you make a green choice and get rid of your old diesel car through an authorised scrapping workshop,” said the environment and food minister, Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.

The minister added that he expected around 36,000 car owners would take advantage of the offer, thus reducing air pollution.

The offer will be on the table as long as there is money left in the pot.

“If you have an old diesel car in your carport, I’d urge you to take the opportunity to get a little extra as 2,800 kroner is something that can still be felt on most household budgets,” added Ellemann-Jensen.