Super Bowl this evening, but where are you going to touch down?

LIII. The Roman numerals convey it to be 53. Yet whilst the glory of Rome has faded into the tomes and lore of history, there are remnants of the former empire that continue to pay homage to the maxim of strength, honour and magnificence.

They do battle in modern day colosseums surrounded by ravenous and unrelenting crowds. Although they wield not sword, mace nor spear, they do bear armour and their weapons are their muscled frames.

The roar of the crowd pumps like a heartbeat at the sharp crack of helmet-to-helmet tackles. It’s big hits, bigger plays, one-handed catches and jukes for another ten.

It’s Namath with his finger in the air, Elway flying 360, Montana going 92 yards, Dyson needing one yard, Bettis bussin’ through, the Seahawks not running it, the Falcons squandering the big lead. Oh yes, indeed.

They are the contemporary gladiators and aspire only to hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy triumphantly towards the heavens in the name of victory. Warriors unite!

It’s Super Bowl time baby! (CW)

Imperial interception
Feb 3, 20:00; Imperial, Ved Vesterport 4, Cph V; 399-599kr
The biggest screen in Scandinavia showing the Super Bowl (22 metres wide) has space for 1,000 people. The American buffet provided by Bones is eat all you like, plus there is a free bar for the 599kr package. (PM)

Café coverage
Feb 3, 20:30; Café Guldhornene, Vestergade 20, Cph K; 299kr
The full menu includes roast beef, shots of Jack D during the half time show, and coffee and popcorn all night. (PM)

Pub & Superbowl
Feb 3; Pub & Sport, Vester Voldgade 7, Cph K; free adm, bookings via
This lively venue will be going all out on the nachos and other snacks.  (PM)

Hard helmets on
Feb 3, 23:00; Hard Rock Café, Vesterbrogade 3, Cph K; booking at
The ‘Big Game bar ticket’ (150kr) gets you three bottles and some snacks, while the ‘Big Game Dinner’ (399kr) gets beers and a main course dinner. (PM)

Ludwigsen linebackers
Feb 3, 20:30; Café Ludwigsen, Sundevedsgade 2, Cph V; free adm
The pre-game party includes beer pong competitions washed down by draught beers (30kr) and  bottles (20kr) on discount. There are plenty of pool tables and good student discounts.  (PM)

Glad gridiron
Feb 3, 18;30; Den Glad Gris, Lille Kannikestræde 3; 525kr
Den Glad Gris is going all out again this year for Super Bowl LIII. The package gives you free drinks all night, an American-style buffet with all the trimmings, a pre-game quiz, and a special host. (PM)

Globe on the goal-line
Feb 3, 22:00; The Globe, Nørregade 43-45, Cph K; free adm; reservations 3332 0860
Adding an Irish theme to the Super Bowl, the Globe is offering three Irish beers and a bowl of chicken wings for 199 kroner, along with lots of other discounts. Given the number of televisions, seats are pretty much guaranteed.

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