Huawei employees expelled from Denmark

A police inspection has led to four people being charged with contravening the Immigration Act and Employment Act

Copenhagen Police has confirmed that two people have been told to leave Denmark following a “routine inspection” at the controversial Chinese communications giant Huawei.

In all, four people have been charged with contravening the Immigration Act and Employment Act, but in two cases the authorities decided not to take the matter further, reports BT.

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Huawei has been in the news recently over fears that the company is linked to espionage and the Chinese intelligence services – a claim the company denies. Since 2014 it has had a contract with Danish telecoms company TDC to run, develop and maintain the company’s mobile network.

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Although in 2018 the national cyber security organ, Center for Cybersikkerhed, pointed out that there could be potential problems with Huawei, a spokesperson from Copenhagen Police denied that there is any connection between this and the expulsions.

A number of politicians have voiced scepticism about Huawei.

“It would be odd if all manner of other countries have been wrong about Huawei, and it is only Denmark that is right that there are no problems,” said SF’s spokesperson for IT and technology, Lisbeth Bech Poulsen, said in January this year.