Danish News in Brief: Social media has no detrimental effect on written Danish, claims PhD study

And apparently fewer vehicles on the Øresund Bridge can’t dent its profits, but will DMI’s new website be a hit with its users?

A PhD study of Danish and Italian teenagers by Lene Rotne carried out in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen and Dansk Sprognævn concludes that the relaxed language that young Danes use to communicate on social media is not detrimental to their level of written Danish.

Young Danes are more prone to making errors on platforms such as Facebook – in contrast to Italians, who tend to take greater care and pride in their posts.

A lot of prejudice 
“Many people are prejudiced when it comes to young people’s use of social media, assuming it must affect their writing ability,” said Rotne.

“But my study shows that there is no contagion because they use emojis.”

Øresund oddity: Fewer vehicles, bigger profits
Fewer vehicles are crossing the Øresund Bridge, but profits from the toll are rising, reports News Øresund. Some 7,502,306 vehicles used it in 2018 – a decrease of 28,000 vehicles on 2017. Øresundsbro Konsortiet blamed the dip on a 4.7 fall in the number of commuters, who are increasingly favouring the improved rail option. However, leisure traffic rose by 2.9 percent, and Øresundsbro Konsortiet was able to report a 135 million kroner rise in profits – primarily thanks to reduced interest expenses.

Autumnal weather for the next week, forecasts DMI’s new website
Well, it’s finally happened. DMI has revamped its website and the focus is very much on the weather today, not so much the six-day forecast. So if you want to check what the weather will be like on your way to your 15:00 doctor’s appointment, you’re in luck, but if it’s Sunday in general you want to find out about, it’s more problematic. Over the next few days, at any rate, we can expect warmer than seasonal temperatures – an early injection of spring as the thermometer climbs to 8 degrees – although Saturday will be pretty gusty. The ‘autumnal weather’ will continue for at least another weeks, predicts DMI.

The daily forecasts have certainly improved (image: DMI)

3F fronting historically large claim on behalf of Metro workers
The 3F trade union is demanding 100 million kroner in compensation on behalf of Metro workers active between 2013 and 2016 whose employment allegedly breached working hours agreements. Most of the 1,500 workers at the centre of the case, who allege they were forced to work overtime in potentially dangerous conditions whilst fatigued, are Polish men recruited via the Adecco temp agency, a Swiss company. 3F has told DR that the case is “extremely big” and very possibly the largest in its history. The case cites three men who worked 34 consecutive days and up to 90 hours a week, with one working a 33-hour shift.