Active over-60s a boon to the economy, survey shows

The fact that people are staying at work longer is already paying dividends when it comes to Denmark’s GDP

New figures from the confederation of Danish industry, Dansk Industri (DI), reveal that the annual contribution made by the extra numbers of over-60s in the labour market over the last five years is 24 billion kroner. This works out at around 360,000 kroner generated per person.

Compared to five years ago, there are 67,000 more over-60s in employment covering 51,000 full-time jobs, reports DI Business.

A lot to offer
“This is an extremely welcome social development. It reflects both the fact that people over 60 today have a great deal to offer and that companies have discovered older employees are definitely worth hanging on to,” said Morten Granzau Nielsen, DI’s head of economic policy.

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Nielsen also urged politicians to keep their eye on the ball in the coming years.

“We are going to need all the available hands and heads we can get, so we must be extremely careful not to rule anyone out – both amongst decision-makers and on the shopfloor,” he added.