Weather hotting up in Denmark … for now

Temperatures could reach double digits this week

Denmark has endured a damp and gloomy spell of weather recently, but that could all start to change this week as temperatures are predicted to shoot up into double digits.

According to the national weather forecasters, DMI, temperatures could sniff around the 10-11 degree mark nationwide on Wednesday and Friday.

“It should remain reasonably dry all week and there is a good chance for sun – particularly on Friday, which will see dry air and sunshine, so there’s a bit of spring in the air,” Martin Lindberg, a DMI meteorologist, told BT Nyheder.

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Winter could return
Mid-Jutland is expected to enjoy the warmest weather, while Zealand and Funen might have to settle for temperatures around 9 degrees – which will seem slightly cooler on the coasts.

The milder weather looks set to continue for about ten days, but Old Man Winter could still rear his frigid head yet, according to Lindberg.

The meteorologist contends that cold and frost could descend upon Denmark up to April, but it’s too early to make any predictions about that.