Culture News in Brief: A clown in Hollywood or a dirty rotten scoundrel?

In other news, a dystopian Danish graphic novel has become a surprise hit and ‘Ternet Ninja’ is a box office bonanza

In addition to his other work on television, Danish comedian Casper Christensen is probably best known for the TV series ‘Klovn’ that has also been spun off into into three full-length films so far. Now it seems he may be heading for the Hollywood big-time.

Remake, remodel
Christensen has a part in ‘The Hustle’, a remake of Frank Oz’s film ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’ from 1988 starring Steve Martin and Michael Caine, which is set to premiere in May this year, reports BT.

A trailer for the film (see video clip below) shows Christensen in a bar putting a gold bracelet on the arm of Anne Hathaway that he says cost 500,000 dollars. Later in the film he is punched in the face by Australian actor Rebel Wilson.

Danish graphic novel a worldwide hit
A record number of more than 18 countries, including the US, Australia, South Korea, Brazil, Russia, France and Macedonia, have expressed an interest in the Danish dystopian graphic novel ‘Zenobia’, reports DR Nyheder. ‘Zenobia’ is by no means easy reading and tells the story of a little girl, Amina, who lives in Syria and has to flee from the war by crossing the Mediterranean. The novel has been created by writer Morten Dürr and artist Lars Hornemann. In 2016 it was awarded the illustrator’s prize by the Ministry of Culture and it has also garnered praise abroad. Publishers Weekly called it “an unforgettable story that will remain in the minds of both adults and teenagers” and The Comics Beat said that it “goes straight to the heart of human indignity”.

Ticket sales propel Ninja into exclusive club
The animated film ‘Ternet Ninja’, the brainchild of comedian Anders Matthesen, has now joined an exclusive club of Danish films selling more than 800,000 tickets. Up to now, the film has sold 803,346 tickets, reports TV2 News. So far, only 15 films have managed this feat and only two in this century – Lone Scherfigs ‘Italiensk for begyndere’ (‘Italian for Beginners’) in 2000 and ‘Klovn The Movie’ from 2010. “It’s all a fantastic fairytale. I never dared believe that people would take so kindly to ‘Ternet Ninja’. I’m completely overwhelmed,” said Matthesen. With a brace of awards to boot, ‘Ternet Ninja’ is on its way to becoming the most successful film for 25 years.

New Order to NorthSide
The legendary Mancunian group New Order, formed from the ashes of Joy Division after the suicide of Ian Curtis, are to play at the Aarhus music festival NorthSide on Friday June 7. The group, famous for hits such as ‘Blue Monday’, ‘True Faith’ and ‘Crystal’ are credited as being an inspiration to a great many other artists.