UPDATE: Jacko’s back – in effigy at least

Shopping mall bows to pressure and reinstates controversial waxwork

After more than a bit of ‘Blood on the Dancefloor’ from social media critics, and a viral shitstorm complaining that the waxwork figure of Michael Jackson from an exhibition of celebrities at a shopping mall was ‘HIStory’, the mall’s management has relented.

Michael Jackson will be back in the centre’s winter holiday exhibition from 10:00 today, promised the administrative director of the Rødovre Centrum mall Jesper Andresen in an announcement on Facebook.

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Not only Black or White
“There’s no shame in thinking things over a second time and that’s what we’ve done. There are a number of different opinions about Michael Jackson, who was never found guilty of any of the accusations levelled against him, so it was overreacting to remove him from the exhibition,” said Andresen.

It is not recorded what is to happen to the waxwork of Brad Pitt that was slated to replace Jackson.