Danish Agency for Patient Safety issues measles warning

Emile Young
February 20th, 2019

This article is more than 4 years old.

Possible measles infections on the rise as holidayers return home

Unvaccinated Danes at risk as holidaymakers return home (photo: Pixabay)

On Monday, the Danish Agency for Patient Safety issued a letter alerting doctors to pay extra attention to measles infections following an outbreak in the Val Thorens ski area.

Two Danes returning from Val Thorens have already been infected and more cases are expected as Danes return home from holidays.

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At-risk populations
Most Danes are vaccinated or have had measles before and are immune. At-risk populations include small children who have not received the vaccine.

A large proportion of Danes born between 1975 and 1986 are also unvaccinated. Currently, the measles vaccine is free for everyone and can be obtained from your doctor.

“If you have been infected with measles, your doctor may vaccinate for up to 72 hours after infection, and antibodies may be given up to 6 days after the infection. Therefore, it is important that you call the doctor quickly if you suspect that you may be infected,” said Bente Møller.

Measles is officially eradicated in Denmark, but more cases are popping up worldwide. Just last year, nearly 83,000 cases were reported in Europe.


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