Ten Danish start-ups to watch in 2019

The start-up scene in Denmark seems healthier than ever, with a number of innovative apps and services in the pipeline

The website EU Startups has recently put together a list of the ten start-up companies it feels are on their way to success in Denmark in 2019.

Top of the list is Too Good To Go, a free app for fighting food waste that connects customers to restaurants and stores that have unsold, surplus food.

Next on the list is Ulobby, an app to professionalise lobbying activities and make them more democratic and transparent.

Pleo combines payment cards that can be easily assigned to employees with individually set limits, with software and mobile apps to automatically match receipts and track all company spending in real-time with detailed analytics.

Hedia has developed an app that makes everyday life easier for people suffering from type 1 and 2 diabetes. Using artificial intelligence Hedia learns the patterns and habits of the individual diabetic and uses this knowledge to notify the diabetic when insulin readings or administrations are needed.

Happy Helper is a platform for on-demand home services, connecting over 12,000 households looking for home cleaning services, with more than 3,500 top-quality, pre-screened independent cleaners.

Artland is a social art market dedicated to connecting art collectors and galleries worldwide, giving art collectors tools to navigate in a diverse art world. The Artland app allows users to create profiles and upload photos of their collections.

Grandhood is developing an alternative pension fund tailored to small and medium enterprises. Employees can enrol in an individual pension plan using their Danish internet ID NemID and the Grandhood app.

Founded in 2016 in Copenhagen, Tame is an all-in-one event planning platform that is already being used by event planners in over 70 countries.

Seaborg Technologies has developed a fundamentally new type of inherently safe nuclear reactor based on a combination of molten salt technology and thorium.

With the Plant Jammer app, you can learn how to make healthy vegetarian dishes using the ingredients you already have in your kitchen. You just tell the app what foods you have and it uses machine learning to suggest recipes and how to make them.