Three Danes held in Germany over illegal dogs

Dangerous dogs are increasingly being smuggled in across Europe’s open borders

On Monday, German police stopped a Danish registered car and found ten American pitbull terrier puppies in the boot.

In December 1991, in line with several other countries, legislation was passed in Denmark outlawing 13 different breeds of dog, and American pitbulls were placed on the banned list.

Down boy!
Three Danish teenagers aged 18-19 and a 22-year-old Dutchman were arrested because they were unable to produce transportation or vaccination documents covering the dogs, reports Berliner Morgenpost.

The teenagers had been in Poland – one of the countries that has been the source of illegal dog imports before, according to the Danish authorities.

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Illegal import of dogs into Denmark is an increasing problem. It is relatively easy to smuggle them in cars and incidents have been reported of dogs being sold at motorway rest areas and dogs sold with false papers.

Putting the bite on
Pitbulls can be extremely aggressive. They were originally used to bait bulls and bears for ‘sport’, but more recently for dogfights and as ‘status dogs’.

In addition, illegally importing dogs increases the risk of a number of serious and infectious illnesses coming with them.

The dogs are now being kennelled at an animal sanctuary in Frankfurt while police try to ascertain whether the three Danes and the Dutchman should be prosecuted.