Snow to return to the regions this weekend, but first a gale will hit Copenhagen on Friday

The commute at the end of the week could be adventurous … might be worth delaying your return home with a crafty drink or two

The first rule of spring: you do not talk about spring starting. The second rule: you do not talk about winter ending.

Offenders must be whipped back into winter by daffodils broken and hardened by an ‘unexpected’ frost.

The proof that winter is lurking is in this weekend’s weather forecast for Denmark’s regions. Snow and sleet are both forecast, although temperatures are unlikely to fall below 2 degrees, so the chances of enough falling to build a snowman are pretty remote.

Icy, slippery, fatal for fauna
“It won’t be particularly wintry,” DMI weatherperson Bolette Brødsgaard told BT tabloid.

“Over the course of the day the temperature will rise [to 5 degrees], so it is probably something that won’t last long.”

Nevertheless, night frosts are forecast, so Brødsgaard advises anyone with spring-inclined shrubs and flowers to bring them indoors.

And it could be icy on the roads, as well as a bit slippery when the sleet and snow falls.

Gale-force wind on Friday
However, a quick glance at the DMI website – which since its February relaunch has become much more local with its focus – reveals that Copenhagen is unlikely to experience any snow.

There will be plenty more rain this week in the capital region – 13 mm over the next two days – and Friday promises to be particularly windy.

Gale-force conditions are forecast from 03:00 to 18:00, with strong gusts expected on what could be a hazardous day for those commuting by bike.