Bestseller tower gets green light to be the same height as the Eiffel Tower

Ikast-Brande Municipality gives clothing company green light to build tall tower in central Jutland

Western Europe’s largest tower is now set to be built in the Jutland town of Brande.

The tower is owned by the clothing company Bestseller and it will be built as a headquarters for the company.

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No resistance
“The project has not raised any concerns or resistance from any of our municipal council board members,” Ib Lauritsen, the mayor of Ikast-Brande, told DR.

“It will undoubtedly be of the greatest significance for the city of Brande, but I do not doubt it will affect the whole of Central Jutland.”

The ‘Bestseller Tower and Village’ will consist of restaurants, apartments, stores, offices and hotels.

Local encouragement
“We are very happy that the plans have now been approved by the municipal council,” Anders Krogh, the project manager, told DR.

“We are proud and humble in regards to the big encouragement we have received – especially locally.”