Huawei edged out in favour of Ericsson for Danish 5G network

Stephen Gadd
March 19th, 2019

This article is more than 4 years old.

A major telecommunications project is a step closer to becoming a reality

It’s taken quite a lot of political and business agility to join the dots on the new network (photo: asawin/pxhere)

The decision regarding which company will be responsible for building Denmark’s next generation of communications networks has now been taken.

Two companies were in the running – China’s Huawei and Sweden’s Ericsson – and the contract has been awarded to the latter.

The 5G network will replace the present country-wide 4G network and promises much faster communication.

In the spotlight
Huawei has been increasingly in the news over allegations of industrial espionage and the risk it could be harvesting data from clients on behalf of the Chinese government – charges the company emphatically denies.

Several countries have dropped the controversial Chinese provider after receiving advice from their intelligence services. However, TDC has stated that it was purely business considerations that lay behind its choice.

“There were two bids and a tough negotiating process, and I’m extremely pleased that we ended up with Ericsson as a partner on our new 5G network,” TDC’s administrative director Allison Kirkby told DR Nyheder.

A nod’s as good as a wink?
The defence minister, Claus Hjorth Frederiksen, has previously drawn attention to possible security conflicts, but also emphasised that his hands were tied when it came to being able to legislate against Huawei to prevent a potential deal.

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On the other hand, TDC appears to have taken his concerns on board.

“We’re always in a continuous dialogue with the security services because we are running critical infrastructure,” said Kirkby.

“That doesn’t just apply to this process, but to everything we do.”


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