Bring on the heat! Temperatures to soar in April

Christian Wenande
March 21st, 2019

This article is more than 4 years old.

DMI’s long-term prognosis sees temperatures reaching 20 degrees

April is shaping up to be a fine month indeed (photo: Pixabay)

Let’s face it. March has been absolutely dismal – in fact, such a washout that the month managed to break a 41-year-old record for rain as early as March 19.

But all that moist misery will be washed away next month as the national weather predictor DMI is forecasting temperatures that could reach the 20s and an above average number of days with sunshine.

“Generally, it will mean a calm westerly or southwesterly stream of mild air, as well as more consistent warm and sunny weather. Overall, April is expected to be warmer than usual with condensation at about average or a bit under,” DMI wrote.

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March madness
Most days in April will produce solid spring temperatures of around 10-15 degrees, although there could be some colder days in some periods with temperatures falling to 6-10 degrees.

DMI warned that the prognosis is long-term, so there is some uncertainty associated with the forecast. However, the meteorologists seem quietly confident that April will offer up some decent weather.

Meanwhile, morose March – a month that tends to be one of the driest of the year – has already yielded 103 mm, which is the highest amount since records began and more than double the 40-46 mm seen between 1961 and 2015.


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