Hotline to report acute illness changing from 1813 to 113

If you are acutely ill, you will soon be able to call the same number all across Denmark: 113.

However, in cases of emergency and life-threatening situations, the national line will remain 112.

Since 2014, Copenhagen’s inhabitants have needed to call 1813 when they get severely ill outside GP surgery opening hours. This has led to problems with long queues and overlooked symptoms.

Major reform
The change is part of the government’s new healthcare reform, which recently passed through Parliament with the backing of Dansk Folkeparti.

The new 113 number will come into play next year, providing the government remains in office.

The reform also includes a shake-up of patients’ rights, so-called improvements for the country’s mental health institutions, and over-all better conditions for hospital patients.

However, concerns have been voiced that the bill was primarily aimed at cutting spending at a time when more funding is needed.

Criticism of changes
The Lægeforeningen doctors union is unimpressed with the reform, echoing criticisms voiced by another union, FOA, as well as Danske Regioner.

“The reform does not take into account that the number of patients is rising because of a considerable increase in the elderly population,” its chief executive Andreas Rudkjøbing told DR.

“There is a continued huge uncertainty about whether or not we can meet the rising number of patients.”