Italian expat finds abandoned baby in Vanløse

An Italian man who just happened to be passing saved a little life yesterday evening

Late Monday evening, Gregorio Montefameglio, a 25-year-old from Bologna who is at present between jobs, was on his way home from a friend’s house when he sat down on a park bench to call his girlfriend.

Hearing a baby cry, Gregorio put his girlfriend on hold and looked around. The cries led him to a plastic supermarket bag containing a baby wrapped in towels and a hoodie at the junction of Grøndal Parkvej and Gudenåvej.

Gregorio then called an ambulance but in the meantime took the baby home.

“I took the baby back to my flat where my flatmate Chiara was waiting,” he told CPH POST. “The little girl was almost freezing to death but was able to get some warmth in our living room,” he said.

Investigations continue
Police estimate that the dark-haired baby girl – who appears to be no more than five days old – was abandoned some time around 23:00 on Monday evening.

The baby was later taken to hospital for health checks, and as soon as she is well enough, she will be handed over to the social services.

The police are following a number of leads in order to find the baby’s mother and they have asked any citizens with information to contact them.