Radio24syv pulling the plug

Popular station would rather close than move away from Copenhagen

One of Denmark’s most popular radio stations, Radio24syv, has decided that it will go off the air in October following a decision not to pursue an extension of its broadcasting permit.

PeopleGroup, which co-owns the station with Berlingske Media, contended that it didn’t make any sense to continue as a new agreement would entail moving 70 percent of its operations 110 km away from Copenhagen as part of the government’s media agreement from last year.

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Election hope
According to the owners, the quality of the hosts and accessibility of Copenhagen is far more conducive to attracting guest and producing high-quality programs.

However, the radio station – which has around 1.1 million listeners every week and first aired in November 2011 – said its decision could change, depending on the results of the coming Parliament election. The idea to move was pushed by Dansk Folkeparti (DF), one of the parties supporting the government.

“We only want to continue with Radio24syv, so we’ll sleep with our boots on. But for now we need to admit defeat and accept that DF has won the battle and made our business impossible to operate,” wrote PeopleGroup.