Cooked to be chased, hooked at first taste, rebooked in great haste

If you’re craving great fish and chips in Copenhagen, there’s good news for you: a second Hooked location opened this January in Vesterbro.

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Close to Kødbyen
Nestled just across the road from Kødbyen, the meatpacking district, Hooked’s new location is a clear expansion on the Nørrebro original while keeping close ties to its food truck roots.

The new, central location has more of a sit-down restaurant vibe, explained manager Reuben Carey, but at its heart Hooked is still a slightly dressed-up fast food joint for your seafood cravings.

“We’d like to be more of a hybrid and have my staff surprise people with the quality of service when you come to get a burger,” Carey said.

Unexpected twists
As we entered, we could see what he meant. Hooked sports a typical chic yet clean Danish décor, with a tiled, nautical twist. The down-to-earth look is filled out by the warm glow of three lights made to look like portholes. Guests are seated but approach a counter adjoining the kitchen to place their orders.

Minutes later, when Carey brought our orders, the food did not disappoint. Hooked’s signature fish and chips came with an unexpected twist: the soft, buttery breaded pollock had just a hint of curry and cumin.

Their famed salmon burger also lived up to expectations with its soft white buns and tender, spicy fishcake. The salmon was delicately balanced by the guacamole with a light hint of wasabi-mayo.

Surprise package
We also tried the Asian lobster roll. Not a traditional lobster roll, this was the surprising crowd-pleaser. The buttery white, hotdog-style buns are loaded with crispy puffed rice noodles and snap peas on top of a bed of lobster. The entire concoction is dusted off with spicy mayo.

Somehow, all the different flavours pulled together for a delicious mouthful that started sweet, edged towards spicy, and ends lightly salty.

Busy for bites
But don’t let all that seafood distract you from the extras: the truffle mayo dip stole the show for us. The dip deliciously complements the vinegar-infused chips and fried seafood.

Hooked walks the line between a sit-down dining experience and fast food joint. It’s not a place to linger for hours over a glass of wine, but the soft background music makes it a good place to grab a quick bite and have a casual conversation.

Be sure to check out their new online reservation system to secure a table. The central new Hooked location was popping with people – even on a Thursday night.