Denmark unveils plan to make bachelor degree holders more employable

100 Danish companies sign up to Bachelor Pledge initiative

In a bid to encourage more university students to enter the job market, the government has teamed up with over 100 of the biggest companies in Denmark as part of the new Bachelor Pledge initiative.

The Bachelor Pledge aims to give students with bachelor degrees better access to the job market and the option to return to university after some years of working.

“I’m super happy that the companies have taken action and want to be part of giving students the opportunity to gain some experience and knowledge from the job market before taking their master’s degrees,” said the education and research minister, Tommy Ahlers.

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More to come
Among the many companies that have signed up are Maersk, Danish Crown, DSV, Jysk, Pandora, Ørsted and TDC (see the entire list below). Ahlers contends the list is just the tip of the iceberg as he expects many other companies to join up in the future.

The Bachelor Pledge is part of a political agreement struck in December 2018 that involves extending the right of academic bachelor degree holders to be accepted into a master’s degree within three years. The law is expected to come into effect on July 1.

It is not legally binding for companies to sign up for the Bachelor Pledge, and the list will be updated on a regular basis so bachelor students can see where they can seek jobs.