November Culture Reviews

Daniel Caesar ★★★★★✰ (Concert)

(Photo: Facebook/Daniel Caesar)

You could feel it in the cold end-of-October air. There was an eerie calm that suggested something was percolating below the surface. And by the time the night was up, this young Canadian king had mostly conquered the Vega crowd on a night with few misses. The show was like a satisfying meal and the audience were happy to be served. Daniel Caesar claimed Copenhagen was one of his favourite places on earth, but the crowd didn’t need to be buttered up anymore.

The cream rose to the top and everyone in attendance will be hoping for more new music and a new tour in due time. (EM)

Last Tango in Little Grimley ★★★★✰(Theatre)

(Photo: Laura Ioana)

This was a seamless performance – quite literally as all manner of silky, sexy and slinky garments were adorned and ripped off in full view. And it’s safe to say the cast and most notably the director successfully fleshed out the comic value of this curious play. Continuing until November 23, there’s still plenty of time to catch them (although only one is fully revealed – you’ll get that piece of smut if you attend) at the new theatre venue at Matrikel 1 right in front of the Gammel Strand Metro station. Get ready for a side-splitting evening within a cheeky feather dusting of the action! (EN)

Romeo and Juliet ★★★★★★ (Ballet)

(Photo: Erik Tomasson)

The San Francisco Ballet has been touring with this production of Prokofiev’s masterpiece since 1994 for good reason, and this time Danish scenographer Jens-Jacob Worsaae has produced a veritable masterwork. The exuberant, at times comical, but always exquisite dancing, which includes remarkable on-stage sword play, takes us from the most beautiful portrayal of innocence to the most devastating depiction of loss and despair. Is ballet the supreme form when it comes to expressing youthful joy? It is truly rare for ordinary drama to reach such a pitch of emotional intensity. (BG)