Indian girl hailed as one of the best maths students in the world

North Zealand International School principal “speechless with pride” following confirmation that pupil has won Top in the World Award from the University of Cambridge

An Indian student from the Danish international school North Zealand International School has been awarded the Top in the World Award by the University of Cambridge.

In her IGCSE exams for the secondary education diploma, Shruti Anand obtained the maximum score for mathematics, placing her among the best students in the world.

The award was handed over on December 5 at a NIS Certificate Evening attended by a guest of honour, Line Clemmensen, an associate professor at the Danish Technical University.

Happy student
“I was extremely happy when I saw my result. In the past few years, my understanding of concepts in mathematics had always been very clear, and I would be well prepared coming into exams, but I would usually end up making a couple of ‘silly mistakes’,” said a delighted Anand.

“It definitely feels amazing to have overcome this and fulfilled my goal. I couldn’t have done it without the motivation and encouragement from my NIS teachers and the support from my family who have supported me while ensuring that I never feel the pressure from academics.”

Proud teacher
Her former maths teacher, Chris Boerman, was also jubilant when he heard the news.

“It is a privilege to have had a student like Shruti in the class and to be able to contribute to her academic development,” he enthused.

“She has worked hard over the last two years, set new goals and challenged herself, and that is why, with the exam, she places herself at the top in mathematics.”

Principal delighted
North Zealand International School principal Claus Campeotto was also delighted.

“I am almost speechless with pride. These awards recognise the talent, dedication and commitment of both learners and staff,” said Campeotto.

“It is not every day that we have a student who performs at this level. It was a combination of good teaching and Shruti’s solid academic ability and determination that allowed her to reach her goals.”

IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is an internationally recognised qualification taken by around 1 million students each year.