Culture Round-Up: Depth charge

Explores the murky depths (Photo: Frumperino)

‘Into the Deep’, a documentary about murderer Peter Madsen that will premiere on Netflix later this year, missed out on the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday, despite impressing audiences. Some noted that it was more impactful than most of the horror films at the festival. Shot by Copenhagen-based Australian director Emma Sullivan in the aftermath of the killing, it is produced by Denmark’s Mette Heide, who made the Netflix doc ‘Amanda Knox’.

Debit Distortion

How many will cough up? (Photo: Benjamin Quarcoo)

Copenhagen City Hall has approved Distortion’s plans to charge guests 180 kroner to access five large pay-for-entry party zones in Nørrebro and Vesterbro – the two street party nights that attract a combined crowd of over 200,000. The zones will encroach far more than in previous years. “Copenhagen’s city space belongs to Copenhageners and they shouldn’t be excluded in this way,” complained Ninna Hedeager Olsen, a deputy mayor, on Facebook.

Benjamin is back
Last year’s ‘X Factor’ runner-up Benjamin Rosenbohm – a former student of CIS, Rydgaards and SceneKunst, whose parents are German and Madagascan – has qualified to compete in the Melodi Grand Prix, the Danish Eurovision qualifier, on March 7. He will perform alongside fellow ‘X Factor’ finalist, Tan/Tanne from the girl group Echo. 2018 runner-up Jamie Talbot, who has a British father, is also competing.

Wild-hair hangovers
The Danish Entertainment Orchestra has again won the International Classical Music Award in the ‘Symphonic Music’ category following a triumph in 2015. Politiken applauded them for being “like Beethoven with hangovers and wild hair in the morning”.

Trine keeps on winning
Trine Dyrholm, the country’s answer to Meryl Streep, won an eighth film acting Robert award in January. Her film ‘Dronningen’ dominated, winning nine awards. At the Bodils on February 29, Dyrholm will be bidding to win her seventh film acting statuette.

Bananas over cake
Despite the complex ingredients that go into the creations on ‘Den Store Bagedyst’, the banana cake is the nation’s favourite, according to Arla. Its Karolines Kitchen recipe has been the most sought-after since 2014.

Terror strikes again
DR’s latest drama series, ‘Når støvet har lagt sig’ (when the dust has settled), which premiered on February 2, deals with the build-up and fallout of an attack at a Copenhagen restaurant (which is really dimly lit – even by Nordic Noir standards).

Bodes well for future
Gloria Biograf recently opted to extend its screening of the South Korean film ‘Parasite’ with English subtitles from one to two weeks. The gamble bodes well for future films being shown with English subs.

Princely sum
Bidding closes on February 9 on the Bruun Rasmussen website for the 900-record collection of Prince Henrik. The entire collection, which is mostly folk and classical, must go to one bidder.

Disney dropping in
The Disney + streaming service is launching this summer. Subscriptions will cost around 50 kroner a month – barely half of what competitors Netflix and HBO Nordic charge.

Lord of the screen
‘Bendtner og Philine’, a show featuring the luxurious exploits of Bendtner and his girlfriend Philine Roepstorff, will premiere on Discovery Network’s on-demand service Dplay this spring.

Smoke on the harbour
Deep Purple are playing at Royal Arena on September 29 in addition to their appearance at Skovrock 2020 in Aalborg on June 25. In related news, US stand-up Louis CK is playing at Royal Arena on May 23.