Queen calls for vigilance and consideration in historic speech 

The Queen lamented the fact that some Danes were still be reckless as the crisis expands

In what was the first time a regent has officially addressed the nation outside a New Year’s speech since Christian X at the end of WWII, Queen Margrethe spoke to a nation in crisis tonight.

From Fredensborg Palace, the queen underlined that everything the Danes do now will have implications for the coming weeks in regards to the coronavirus situation. 

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Stop meeting up!
The queen lamented how some people are not taking the situation as seriously as they should – not just young people, but people of all ages, she said. It is reckless and inconsiderate 

After extending her sympathy to those who have lost someone in the crisis, the queen voiced her appreciation to everyone who is working hard in the face of the challenge: from health workers and the police to shop workers and bus drivers. 

The queen concluded by urging the Danes to stand tall, be vigilant and stay safe.