Winter chill to return this weekend 

Temperatures to drop to freezing, but at least there will be clear skies

It may have been one of the mildest winters in recorded history and spring seems fully underway, but winter doesn’t seem to be completely done with Denmark just yet. 

According to the national weather forecaster DMI, this weekend promises to bring cold eastern winds that could blow snow across Denmark. 

Night temperatures are expected to dip down around freezing, while daytime temperatures will be lower than now.  

Scarves and sunshine
Sunday promises to be particularly cold, with temperatures falling to 4 degrees during the day and 0 degrees at night. 

The good news is that the change in weather will also bring dry air and thus mostly clear skies during the cold spell. 

So you might need to bring back your hats and scarfs for a while longer, but at least the sun will be out.