Coronavirus update: Kids won’t be back in school anytime soon 

Health authority doubtful that initial two-week nationwide school closure will suffice

Most parents would agree that it isn’t easy working from home with schools and kindergarten across Denmark being closed due the coronavirus crisis. 

But for parents hoping that their children will be given the all clear to return to school in ten days’ time, there some bad news from the Danish government tonight. 

Søren Brostrøm the head of health authority Sundhedsstyrelsen, said in an interview with TV2 News tonight that he was doubtful that the initial 14-day closure period will be enough. 

“I doubt it, if I am going to be honest,” he said. 

Brostrøm explained the next weeks would provide a clearer scenario about how long the school closures would last. 

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Young people among hospitalised 
Meanwhile, Brostrøm also revealed that of the 129 coronavirus patients currently in Danish hospitals, there were young people as well as old among those admitted.

He didn’t want to go into more details regarding the age situation due to the epidemic being in its early stages.

At the most recent count this evening, there were 1,057 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Denmark.