Government extends coronavirus crisis lockdown to April 13 

Schools, borders, restaurants, shopping centres etc will remain closed until Easter Monday

In a speech moments ago, PM Mette Frederiksen said the government would extend the ongoing coronavirus lockdown until at least April 13.

All of the current measures will continue until then: namely that public sector workers are sent home, and that schools, kindergartens, restaurants, bars, shopping centres and fitness centres remain closed.

The public must continue adhering to social distancing recommendations and avoid travelling over the Easter period.

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Welfare society to see change
The border measures will also continue and the PM urged the private sector to instruct their employees to work from home instead of laying them off.

The PM praised the Danes for altering their activities and lifestyles to help combat the crisis, but stated that the rising number of critical cases is serious.

More cases are on the horizon and it is critical that the Danes keep doing their best to adhere to all preventative measures, Frederiksen said.

However, the PM also said that the Danish welfare state would likely be subjected to great change when the crisis eventually subsides.