Clear sighting of wolf in Grindsted

A young wolf was found on Tuesday by a farmer on Dyvelsrekkevej, 10 km outside Grindsted in the Region of Southern Denmark, TV2 reports.

On the hunt?
A farmworker, Luca Andrei, filmed the wolf when it came close to him at a cow stable.

Andrei was rather concerned as there were small calves present.

“There were some small calves that were making noises. It tried to get closer and closer to the stable,” recalled Andrei.

The farm is currently patrolling every evening, keeping a vigil in case the wolf possibly comes back.

No need to worry
However, wolf expert Kent Olsen believes there’s nothing to worry about.

“Young, inexperienced wolves tend to be closer to habitation. But it would have run away if it had noticed the farmer. Wolves are more afraid of us, than we are of them,” reassured Olsen.