Almost 900 Danes have recovered from the coronavirus 

However, the total number of deaths and confirmed cases continue to rise

For the first time since the coronavirus crisis started, the State Serum Institute (SSI) has unveiled figures providing an overview of the confirmed number of Danes who have recovered. 

According to the figures, 894 Danes have been declared virus-free again following a bout of COVID-19 during weeks 9-11 (February 24-March 14). 

SSI’s calculations are based on the premise that recovery is confirmed if patients are alive and not in hospital 14 days after being confirmed as being infected. 

During the three weeks mentioned above, 917 Danes were confirmed to have the coronavirus – 20 people have died and three remain hospitalised – meaning over 97 percent have recovered. 

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More groups tested 
SSI also revealed today that Denmark now has 104 coronavirus-related fatalities – up from 90 yesterday – while the number of confirmed cases has surpassed the 3,000 mark for the first time (3,107).

The number of confirmed cases has increased considerably over the past two days since the Sundhedsstyrelsen health authority began testing more Danes.  

Today, Sundhedsstyrelsen announced it would expand its testing parameters to include more groups (see fact box below).