Space issue in institutions forces Copenhagen to look outside the box

Parents willing and able to keep their kids at home can have their institution fees refunded

As part of Denmark’s first phase in reopening the country from the lockdown caused by the coronavirus, 124 daycare facilities opened today in Copenhagen, with another 113 scheduled to follow suit tomorrow.

But according to Copenhagen Municipality, it there isn’t enough space for all of the children if institutions are to adhere to new government guidelines – particularly in regards to space-per-child restrictions, which are now twice as high as usual.

In response, Copenhagen has announced that parents continuing to keep their children at home can have the monthly institution fee compensated .

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Children > space 
Parents have previously been asked to report whether they are willing to keep their children home from institutions.

Preliminary figures show that overall needs are only slightly greater than capacity, but they are not evenly distributed.

The municipality is working on finding more space to accommodate children in small groups, as per government guidelines.

According to the municipality, certain facilities at the old Copenhagen City Museum and in Carlsbergbyen could be used for the kids.