Sirens to sound today … or make that one minute and counting!

The nation’s sirens will be tested today at noon to make sure they are operational, as well as to remind citizens why they are used in the first place.

The alarm will be played four times, each time lasting a total of 45 seconds.

The emergency services want to make clear that this test is unrelated to the current Coronavirus Crisis!

Don’t call 112!
Don’t, whatever you do, call 112!

In the event the siren sounds in a real emergency, you are supposed to remain indoors and seek information from DR and TV2.

Refrain from calling 112 for information – only call 112 under these circumstances if you are in serious danger.

Disaster scenarios
The siren alert can be used in disaster scenarios and accidents in which citizens are in immediate threat, such as a hazardous chemical spill or fire.

The siren, which can be activated throughout the country or in confined areas, consists of a sound that rises rapidly and decreases slowly.