Denmark presents ambitious coronavirus testing strategy 

Authorities to begin infection contact tracing this week, including a coronavirus hotline, and begin stockpiling protective equipment for future challenges

In a press conference just moments ago, PM Mette Frederiksen revealed that Denmark will embark upon a new ambitious coronavirus testing strategy.

Frederiksen said that the health authority would start a new strategy this week in a bid to quickly locate and isolate those who have contracted the coronavirus, whilst also taking into account their movements. 

The government is launching a hotline for people who have tested positive to call in and convey who they have been in contact with.

Moreover, a new coronavirus authority will be established in order to take some pressure off the health authority.

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Stockpiling for the future
The government also intends to further increase Denmark’s testing capacity and to begin stockpiling protective equipment to better prepare the country for potential future pandemics.

The update from the PM comes just a day after Denmark began the second phase of reopening the country from the coronavirus lockdown.

Depending on how things progress, the third phase is expected to start on June 8. Read more about the plans here.

Currently, 533 people in Denmark have died from coronavirus complications. Furthermore, 198 people are hospitalised across the country – 43 of whom are on respirators.