Current drought a Danish record-breaker

DMI index hits a maximum 10 some six days earlier than scorching 2018, although rain is forecast later this week!

It has never been so dry so early in the year in Denmark this century, according to the DMI’s drought index.

The index yesterday reached its maximum level of 10.0 as temperatures exceeded 25 degrees for the first time in 2020, the denotation of a summer’s day in Denmark.

Yesterday was the earliest it has hit the maximum since it was first introduced 15 years ago. The previous record was 9 June 2008.

The drought means farmers and garden owners are effectively 100 mm short of the rainfall their crops, grass, flowers and plants need to thrive.

Fires more likely
The peak in the drought index follows an extremely wet winter, but it only took a little more than a month for the drought conditions to prevail.

The worsening conditions raise the risks of fire in the wild.

DMI’s fire hazard index at shows a very high risk of fire in north Jutland and in west Zealand, but it is expected to decrease later in the week as rainfall is expected.

Drought occurs when evaporation from the soil exceeds the amount of rainfall, aggravated by dry air, wind and sunshine.