Danish News Round-Up: More elderly died in April 2020 than normal

But statisticians see no clear link between the deaths and the coronavirus

More deaths among people aged 60 and above were recorded in April compared to the same month in the last five years, but Danmarks Statistik is unable to conclude whether the coronavirus was responsible.

There were 4,723 deaths in Denmark in April 2020, of which 4,328 were in the over-60 age bracket – 329 deaths more than the average for the 2015-2019 period.

While Danmarks Statistik could not establish a link between the deaths and COVID-19, the agency said that the timing was “certainly an interesting coincidence”.

More male deaths
In fact, April 2020 recorded more deaths than any April since 2003. But Danmarks Statistik said the number was not “exceptionally high” compared to other months in previous years.

Unlike age, there was no clear trend for gender as deaths among men and women were close to 50-50.

There were more male deaths than female ones in April but the difference was “very small”.

Warm front to bring split weather in Denmark
Warm air blowing in from Russia will split Denmark into two on Thursday with northern Zealand enjoying weather that can reach 26 degrees, while the south of the country may see rain showers. The showers may result from the cloudy weather that the warm front brings. On Friday, a large part of the country will get some summer heat with temperatures between 23 and 25 degrees. The summer weather is expected to continue over the weekend.

Mild mosquito year… so far
While 2020 brought in a pandemic among other global problems, it is so far turning out to be a mild mosquito year in Denmark. Researchers observe fewer mosquitoes than usual so far, sparing people of the diseases the insects often carry. They attribute this to an extremely dry spring following a wet and warm autumn and winter. However, the situation could quickly change depending on the weather. Mosquitoes tend to lay their eggs in or near stagnant water.

Summer package for kids to have fun
Children can look forward to summer camps, swimming, football and other activities to cure their coronavirus blues. Parliament has agreed on a package of 200 million kroner to fund summer activities to ensure that people aged six to 17 get to enjoy the holiday despite the Coronavirus Crisis. The money increases the capacity of groups organising summer activities and offers help to isolated families. With the package and the decision to allow gatherings of up to 50 people, the government hopes that young people will sign up for camps and excursions.