Heat wave to sweep across Denmark this week

Temperatures could reach up into the high 20s later this week, according to the latest DMI prognosis

Beach goers, heat hoarders and suntan sultans are in for a treat this week, if the most recent DMI weather prediction is to be believed.

DMI forecasts a heat wave to sweep across Denmark, leading to proper summer weather and temperatures reaching as high as 28 degrees in parts of the country.

In Copenhagen, it all looks set to kick off tomorrow with a Sankt Hans day brimming with sunshine and temperatures at 23 degrees.

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Cracking weekend
The good times will continue through the week, bringing amply rays of warmth from above and temperatures sniffing around 27 degrees on Wednesday, and 25 degrees for Thursday and Friday.

The weekend is expected to be equally splendid with temperatures ranging around 24-25 degrees for both days.

However, clouds, wind, rain and lower temperatures are set to return once again next Monday.