Holiday 2020: Can’t buy me love? We beg to disagree

With holiday prospects this good, it’s a wonder that any of us ever go abroad – weather-permitting of course

It’s just occurred to me that the song ‘Holiday’ isn’t even about a holiday. All these years and I thought Madonna was making a profound commentary on how Americans are content to ‘holiday’ at home and never experience the big wide world outside their borders. 

Yeah baby: “In every nation/It’s time for the good times/Forget about the bad times/One day to come together” – deep like ‘Imagine’ I always thought.  

A little vacuous 
But Madonna’s American, innit! She’s singing about a day off work, not a trip abroad – she would have called it ‘Vacation’ otherwise, which doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. 

Not sure I like that word. It implies you’ve vacated somewhere, and that somewhere was infested by insects. And then when you vacation somewhere else, you take them all with you.

The dreaded ticks
Sadly, that is increasingly becoming true of ticks. Nordic forests are swarming with them these days, and you really are well advised to check yourself and one another after a long day foresting – if that’s appropriate, as the groin is one of their favourite holiday destinations.

Aptly perhaps, they’re particularly pesty in Bornholm, the country’s number one destination for holidaying Danes this year due to the coronavirus. So, while you might have had to make do with Gladsaxe, at least you didn’t get tick-borne encephalitis.

Urban pursuits
Accordingly, we haven’t gone to town about the Sunshine Isle, as it is mostly booked out for July, although you will find some information on pages 18-19 – a two-pager dedicated to some of the best islands to go to.

But before you jump on a ferry, remember that often the best option is staring you in the face and, with that in mind, pages 8-13 are dedicated to culinary and cycling options in the capital.

Summer loving
For a while it looked like none of us would make it abroad this summer, but as the borders slowly open, our neighbours Sweden and Germany are again teeming with possibilities, and a few countries further afield as well (pages 20-22).

But we hope 2020 ends up being the year in which you discover your new favourite travel destination in Denmark. As pages 4-7 and 14-19 demonstrate, there really is so much choice. 

Weather-permitting, this could be the summer of your dreams.