Heunicke urges public to keep following hygiene guidelines

More people got infected with COVID-19 in the recent week than before and the minister of health reminds people not to be complacent about taking precautions

Magnus Heunicke, the minister of health, said that there is a rise in COVID-19 confirmed cases, reports DR. However, according to the Statens Serum Institut, there are no signs of a new major outbreak of the coronavirus in Denmark.

Yet Heunicke emphasised in a Facebook post that the Danish success in containing the infection might lead people to ease up on hygiene habits.

“Maybe we have succeeded so well that we have now started to relax a bit on the good habits needed to keep the virus infections down. It must not happen. We must not jeopardize everything now,” he said.

Increase in cases 
Last week, 240 people were diagnosed with COVID-19, which is considerably more than the figure one week and two weeks ago when 169 and 123 new cases were found, respectively. Meanwhile, just in the last two days, 88 new cases were confirmed.

The minister of health said that Danes should keep following the guidelines even though these might be hard.

“I know it’s not easy. We long for a more normal everyday life. The whole world does. And I fully agree that especially young people feel like they are missing out on a lot of experiences this summer. But we have to hold on,” he said.

Preserve hygiene habits
Heunicke also pointed out that the situation can escalate at any time if people give up on hygiene habits.

“Every day, there are Danes who get infected with coronavirus, and it can really quickly go the wrong way if we are not careful. Just look in the US or quite currently in Barcelona, how fast viruses can spread,” he wrote.